[How to save crabs after cooking]_How to save_How to store

[How to save crabs after cooking]_How to save_How to store

Crab tastes really good, and most people like to eat boiled crabs, crabs cooked with water, taste the most authentic, can not only feel the delicious taste of crabs, but not appearThis kind of greasy feeling, in general, it takes a long time to live crabs, so everyone will cook the crabs once and save them. So how to save the crabs after cooking?

How to save leftover crab crab 1, how to save leftover crab crab 1.

1. If you have n’t finished it that night, you can wrap it in plastic wrap and refrigerate it in the refrigerator after it has been cooled down, and you can also freeze it if necessary.

But don’t store cooked crabs in the refrigerator later than noon the next day, and remember to cook them again when you eat them. It is best to put some ground ginger when eating, which is good for sterilization.

In this way, eating crabs can ensure safety while enjoying delicious food.

How to save leftover crabs?

2. Save the cooked crabs. If they are to be eaten, they should be steamed thoroughly before being eaten, but they should be covered in the frozen (not refrigerated) layer of the refrigerator, because cooked crabs are toxic after contact with fog and dew. The next dayWhen you eat, you must cook it again, boil it in boiling water, and heat it for another half an hour after opening the pot to prevent the microorganisms in the crab from being completely killed.

Avoid eating crabs because of the cold nature of crabs. When eating crabs, you should add ginger and vinegar to prevent stomach injury.

But if it smells bad, it is better to throw it away. Although wasteful, health is more important.

2. Can crabs from developing countries be eaten?

If you eat too many crabs, you can’t finish eating them. Regardless of whether they are raw or cooked, put them in the refrigerator and keep them frozen (note that they must be frozen, not refrigerated).

When you eat again in a few days, steam them in a basket and steam them before eating.

As long as it is steamed, it will not make you belly, but the taste is slightly worse, it is not as good as freshly steamed.

3. Notes on eating crabs 3.

1. It is not suitable to eat raw crabs: Crabs usually feed on animal carcasses or humus, so the crab’s surface, gills and inhalation tracts are full of various bacteria and sludge.

Therefore, crabs need to be steamed and cooked thoroughly. Generally, they should be heated for more than 30 minutes before they can be disinfected.

How to save leftover crabs 3.

2. Do not eat cooked crabs that have been stored for a long time: stored cooked crabs are easily contaminated by bacteria invasion. Therefore, crabs should be cooked and eaten instead of being stored.

In case you ca n’t finish eating, you must keep the rest in a clean, cool and ventilated place. When you eat, you must return to the pot and cook it thoroughly.


3, should not eat too much, even mouth beating must also bear: because crab meat is cold, it is not appropriate to eat more.

Spleen and stomach deficiency should pay special attention to avoid abdominal pain and diarrhea.